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The Hindu Business Line: ‘The residential realty market has matured and sales are picking up’ .

The Hindu: Day after, stop work notice to Lodha Group in Mira Road .

Meetings with developer, complaints to MBMC futile: residents

Mumbai: Two days after a four-storey building in Green Wood Complex developed a massive crack, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) on Thursday issued a notice to Lodha Group, asking it to stop all construction work in the neighbouring plot. The residents, who were evacuated on Wednesday, alleged that Lodha’s work had caused the damage to their building.

“We have asked Lodha to stop the construction. A notice has been issued,” Rajendra Pangal, junior engineer, MBMC’s town planning department, said.

Lodha Group’s spokesperson Niranjan Parihar said they have already acted on the notice. “We have stopped all work. We still stand by our statement that the buildings in the complex have construction defects and the issue has no relation to us.”

Soon after the building named Amitabh developed the crack, three neighbouring buildings — Shahrukh, Madhuri, and Aman — had tilted slightly.

On Thursday, the residents closely guarded the buildings along with a few policemen and shifted their belongings. Due to the fear of a collapse, two policemen accompanied two to three residents at a time to gather their belongings.

Lodha Group’s construction for Codename Bullseye, described as one of Mira Road’s tallest residential developments, started around seven months ago.

According to Mohammad Rashid, a resident of Amitabh, his building would shake every time construction workers at Lodha carried out any task.

“They have been drilling holes, and they have a pipeline on the boundary of our complex for which they demolished a portion of a flat which they later reconstructed,” he said, adding Lodha’s construction is on metres away. Mr. Rashid had renovated his ground-floor flat six months ago. Now the damage caused to his building has resulted in broken flooring and walls.

Residents claimed soon after they noticed problems in their building after Lodha’s construction work began, they raised the issue with the group, and till date have had around 20 meetings. “They would stop work for a few days and then start again. We even met senior executives of Lodha, but the meetings were futile,” Shaibun Nisha Shaikh, secretary of Madhuri building, said. The secretary also said they were assured by the group that they will take care of all repairs if any problem arises.

According to another resident Ajay Tiwari, a structural audit of Green Wood Complex had shown that heavy construction could result in collapse of the buildings. “ We have even written to the MBMC, but it ignored our complaints too.”