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DNA: Union Ministry’s drone nod gets real estate industry excited

The Union Minister for Civil Aviation’s clearance for flying drones has got the real estate industry excited. Using drone will help increase efficiency and produce quality results in real estate marketing, say experts.

Which means drones will soon be part of every developers’ team providing aerial footage, high-quality visuals of the site and timely updates. Experts say this will help people focus on more strategic tasks.

Beyond the marketing point of view, drones can take care of quality-control and inspection jobs in construction projects. Drones can reduce dangers and inefficiencies by limiting the exposure to workers.

Lastly, accurate and timely drone-based assessments of property conditions will also help reduce investment risk and help property managers, owners and insurers make key decisions about their properties. According to experts, this will be mostly used for marketing purposes, but also will give a better perspective of the project to the home buyers.

Manoj Asrani, First Executive – Brick Asset Pvt Ltd, a real estate service company said, “”With drones come a lot of benefits. Before the drone technology, the images were obtained by using expensive methods. Drones are now becoming popular among the real estate marketers, because of their low cost, trendy and innovative technology. Because of high competition in the real estate market, aerial photography becomes the most common method to represent a property effectively. Having effective pictures is the key element of the sale process. It is better to show a bird’s eye view of the property for its promotion. It will also show its surrounding elements that are close to it like markets, parks, etc. as owning a property is not only buying a house but the surrounding environment also matters.”

Even developers feel that this is a welcome move as it will also be of help during the construction. Anaisha Cooper, Director, Spenta Corporation said, “This move paves a way to creating a seamless communication in each level of construction. Drones can provide a progress chart by gaining trust and assurance. Also, digital campaigns will be more engaging where such captures can help in listing facts. Most customers buy houses that under construction. For them, developers often make a sample or show similar flats to give them an indication of what their homes will look like. As customers rarely get a sense of what kind of view they will enjoy from their future homes, drone images become a very useful tool in completing the entire customer experience.”