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DNA: Mumbai: Sewage plant near coastal road to be beautified.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) wants to leave no stone unturned for its ambitious Coastal Road Project. It is for the same that the corporation is working on beautifying an entire neighbourhood.

Keeping in mind the location, that is Bandra from where the coastal road will begin, the corporation will upgrade its Waste water Treatment facility (WwTF) at Bandra. The upgrade will include a viewing gallery and a rooftop garden.

The civic body has planned to upgrade seven treatment facilities but there isn’t any mention of a garden in other treatment plants except in Bandra. The treatment capacity of Bandra plant is 360 million litre per day (MLD), which is almost 10 times of Colaba plant.

The plant is spread over 9.5 hectares of land and maybe partially underground. Since the location of WwTF will be visible from the coastal road, BMC is mindful that the future plant adds beauty to the neighborhood, said an officer related to the treatment plant project.

“This is a state-of-the-art project. There will be a viewing gallery as well as a rooftop garden. So visitors can have a look of the Arabian Sea and commuters of the coastal road will have a green sighting,” said Ajeet Salwi, executive engineer in BMC, who represented the project at the recently-held exhibition in Goregaon.

“BMC is also ready to give permission for the partially underground construction but it will depend upon soil testing,” he added. It will take five years to complete the plant with gallery and rooftop garden. Though the corporation has made the design, it is still unclear about the exact area of garden and its possible cost.

In fact, it has not yet put a cap on the cost of the overall centre as they are still looking out for the latest technology. However, the estimate of all seven centers will be around Rs 14,000 crore.

The city’s sewerage system consists of 44 satellite pumping stations and seven WwTF with preliminary treatment facility. The treated effluent is discharged into the creek.

But, now the civic body has undertaken upliftment project for all the seven treatment centres. Under the project, the treatment plant will have preliminary, biological, tertiary and disinfection facilities. As a result, water will be recycled and reused for non-potable and industrial purposes. The work of Colaba centre to have a capacity of 37 MLD is in progress. BMC has invited tenders for Bandra, Versova, Dharavi, Worli, Bhandup and Ghatkopar. The Malad WwTF is waiting for environment clearance.