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DNA: Mumbai: No ‘dalali’ good for home buyers, not for estate agents.

An advertisement claiming to get rid home buyers of dalali (brokerage), has sort of shaken up the real estate industry. The advertisement by R K Home Solution says it’s against two per cent brokerage charged by brokers; service charge, which is refundable, will be applied during the deal.

However, this hasn’t gone well with the conventional real estate brokers. A few brokers have complained against the advertisement to MahaRERA, citing it to be in bad taste and questioned whether it is registered with MahaRERA. Vikram Mehta of Property People, a group of brokers sent a message to MahaRERA asking the authority to do something about it. “We charge two per cent brokerage for the hard work we put. We show flats around, we spend our energy and only when the deal clicks we charge brokerage, we do not fleece. I also observed that the advertisement doesn’t have a MahaRERA registration number which is mandatory for real estate agents.”

The company, however, claims that it isn’t against brokers, it’s only against the brokerage. Ashok Narang, Vice President of R K Home Solutions said, “We are not against brokers, we acknowledge their contribution to the real estate industry. We are against brokerage in our project. Service charge, which is refundable after a period of six years, will be applicable.”


“We do have a MahaRERA registration number,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat said that only experience will define whether such a thing is good or bad, but competition is always welcome. Adv Shirish Deshpande, Chairman of MGP said, “Earlier we had traditional brokers only. Then came the web portals and now this is a new concept. Brokers charge brokerage after a deal is finalised, web portals in most cases provide free service to home buyers. Only experience will tell whether this is worth it or not. Also, we welcome competition, but it has to be transparent and fair.”

Even Deshpande has sent messages to MahaRERA regarding the missing MahaRERA number in the advertisement. He has asked the authority to take action if the project is not registered.


  • A few brokers have complained against the advertisement to MahaRERA
  • Mumbai Grahak Panchayat said that competition is welcome, but it needs to be transparent