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DNA: MHADA can’t achieve target before 2020: Uday Samant

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) will never achieve its target of constructing 15,229 affordable housing till 2020. This is what the newly appointed President Uday Samant has to say about MHADA’s promise of giving affordable homes. In 2015, MHADA had set a target of 15,000 plus houses to be delivered only in Mumbai. The target till 2018 was 10,576. However, until now only 2500 homes have been constructed. The new president says that he will see to it that at least 10,000 homes are constructed till 2020.

“Let anyone from MHADA say anything about achieving the target but the truth is we will never achieve the target of constructing 15,229 affordable homes till 2020. However we can take steps to achieve at least half of our target,” said Uday Samant, President MHADA.

MHADA via lottery provides affordable homes to people who cannot afford to buy the houses put on sale by developers. However, in the last few years, the number of homes coming out by MHADA’s Mumbai Board in the lottery has been dwindling. The last lottery had some 800 plus homes while the forthcoming lottery is also said to have only 801 homes. The figures aren’t very encouraging and in no way can the set target be achieved.

Putting the blame on high property price, Samant said that there is an urgent need of change in policy which will help them reduce the costs of the houses. He also said that technology will also help them cutting the cost down. “I don’t mind sending out engineers out of India to study what those countries are doing in the affordable segment. They need to study, come back and implement the technology in such a way that the prices of the homes that are above Rs 1 crore are brought down to Rs 30 lakh and are made affordable,” he said.