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DNA: MahaRERA denies relief, turns down home buyer’s complaint.

When a home buyer approached MahaRERA complaining against the developer for a delay in possession seeking an interest on the amount he had paid to the developer, the authority noticed that the home buyer was already residing in the apartment since 2012 even though the building did not receive an occupation certificate, hence denied him relief.

The authority then ordered the developer to get the OC within three months, failing which he shall be liable to pay interest to the complainant till OC is received.

Amol Jadhav a home buyer complained against Balkrishna construction and three others, to MahaRERA seeking directions, to the developer to obtain OC within a stipulated period and pay the municipal charges, water charges, MHADA charges to all concerned authorities and also pay interest from actual date of possession till the handing over possession of the flat. The flat was in Rohini Niwas building located at Vikhroli.

The buyer argued, he purchased the flat and registered the agreement on April 25, 2011. The developer was liable to hand over possession of flat on or before December 31, 2011. The buyer paid 100 per cent consideration to the developer; the developer gave possession to the buyer in November 2012, without OC.