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DNA: Gujarat-based developer wants to re-develop Mumbai slums, makes tall promises.

A slum redevelopment project in Andheri’s RTO region is in limelight. The reason behind this is that, slum dwellers on October 3, have to vote one developer out of the six who have participated in the election.

One of the developers, who hails from Gujarat has promised everything that a slum dweller in Mumbai would like to dream of. For example the builder is offering fully furnished homes, an insurance of Rs 5 lakh, deposit of Rs 1 lakh for the marriage of daughters of slum dwellers every year for next 10-years, Rs 1 lakh each every year for the education of the sons of slum dwellers for next 10 years and homes for every slum dweller immaterial whether he’s eligible or non-eligible for a home.

The project comprises of three slums Kasam Nagar, Anna Nagar and Vitthal Rukhmai. This slum is spread over three lakh sq ft and has around 900 slum dwellers, of which 472 slum dwellers are eligible to vote. Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), officials will be holding the election and slum dwellers have been explained the same. There will be ballot papers, the slum dwellers will have to stamp on the one whom they want to elect. The senior SRA official said, “If any developer opts out we will remove the name from the ballot paper and inform the slum dwellers too.” Slum Dwellers say the redevelopment project started way back in 1999 but never took off properly and the builder responsible for the delay was removed and hence the election for new developer.

The Gujarat based developer is Manav Infrastructre, which is part of the Shree Balaji Constructions. They currently have projects in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Mehsana areas. They have already carried out slum redevelopment in Vadodara and claim that they have constructed 80-lakh sq ft in Gujarat.

On the promises and also the question that such promises doesn’t make appear serious, Pramod Parekh, who heads the strategic alliances of Shree Balaji Constructions said, “Our promises are out in the open for everyone to see, we will give whatever we have promised. All this is an additional expense that we are ready to bear, we are serious developers and hence we are here.”

The total FSI Parekh says available on this plot is 4 and they aim to construct up to 12 lakh sq ft on this plot. According to reports the land cost along with the development potential would put the price in few thousand crore. One of the other developer in the fray is LTR SSM Private Limited, hoarding of which also were seen at the slums. However, a detailed mail sent to L&T Realty got us no response.

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