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DNA: Draft to see builders redo MHADA buildings in 3 years.

In what could be good news to the lakhs of residents staying in dilapidated MHADA buildings, the government has decided to amend the existing Maharashtra Housing and Area Developments Authority Act, 1976 where the developer will be mandated to complete redevelopment project in three years.

In case, the developer fails to complete the project on time, he will lose development rights for the project, the draft proposal states. Prakash Mehta, housing minister said that they received numerous complaints from MHADA residents.

“They tell us how developers have taken over their colonies for redevelopment but the projects have been stuck for years, due to mismanagement of funds or extending project completion to extract maximum price for the sale component,” Mehta said.


MHADA has over 16,000 cessed buildings. Nearly 30 lakh residents stay in these buildings. When a building is declared dilapidated, it can be redeveloped under the provisions of 33 (7) of development control rules (DCR). While the Slum Rehabilitation Authority Act has a provision to terminate developer’s rights in case the project is not completed in time, there is no such provision in the MHADA Act. “Hence, the move,” Mehta said.

Housing secretary Sanjeev Kumar said the draft amendment was ready. It will soon be put before the Cabinet for approval.

Milind Samel, a senior architect, sounded a note of caution that three years to complete a project was too little. “The time frame should be at least five years. Redevelopment of cessed buildings is a complicated process. A developer/promoter can apply for MHADA certification and NOC only after getting consent from majority of tenants. Then, they are required to apply for IOD (Intimation of disapproval). Once all conditions in IOD are fulfilled, the commencement certificate (CC) is issued. This is a time-consuming process. Therefore, the government must give at least five years rather proposed three years,” Samel said. He added that residents need to be cautious and reasonable while choosing a developer.