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DNA: Citizens across income groups eye MHADA houses.

MHADA’s Mumbai board has received overwhelming response this year after it announced a lottery of 1,384 houses. Till Monday evening, and within a week since the announcement, more than 56,000 users had visited the lottery website. Of these, 27,000 had already registered, while over 18,000 applications had been received unlike the 56,000 applications for over 9,000 houses in the Konkan board lottery last year.
MHADA advertised the lottery on November 5 to sell 1,384 houses on December 16. The registration began on the very day the advertisement was released. The lottery includes a houses in South Mumbai’s Cumbala Hill ranging from Rs 5.80 crore to Rs 5.13 crore, and Rs 4.99 crore. Flats in Matunga are being sold around Rs 2.35 crore, Rs 1.49 crore in Tunga, Powai and Rs 1.36 crore in Lower Parel.
Despite receiving criticism that the housing authority has turned a blind eye towards the common man, Madhu Chavan, chairman, MHADA Mumbai, said, “
There were lot of critics, who had complained that MHADA had turned a blind eye towards the common man.
Madhu Chavan, the Chairman of MHADA’s Mumbai Board says, “The numbers show that people in Mumbai have trust in MHADA and this is an encouragement for us to construct more homes. The response is good and in coming days it will further improve.”
Housing expert Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi said the number of response may appear huge initially but one will have to wait till December 10, which is the last day for applications and how many of the applications will withdraw or cancel.